hiring now at northern beaches pa hire and northern beaches speaker hire.

hiring now at Northern Beaches PA Hire and Northern Beaches Speaker Hire.

New Behringer Bluetooth speakers for your

next Party! 

At Northern Beaches Speaker Hire we are a sceptical bunch we only use what we know and what has been reliable in the past with uncompromising sound quality and reliability.

JBL, QSC and RCF are our main brands backed up by the popular Wharfedale 12d party speakers with Ipod connection.

Galactic music phoned and said you must see and hear the new Behringer B112 Bluetooth 500 watt speaker system. After trying to put Tom off with various other priorities that could not be avoided he arrived, with the speaker, i set it up alongside the Wharfedale 12D and a QSC K10 to get a comparison.

Tom was not fazed and we went through a test of my two and then when it came time for the Behringer b112 he said “stop you don’t need the cables its Bluetooth”! This threw me for a few seconds so i put the connection cables down and went to my Bluetooth settings on the phone , ther it was ready to pair, a couple of bleeps and we were synced, “this is too easy i was saying to myself”.

And that was it i was playing my tracks from the phone with no annoying cables, and it sounded great, plenty of bass and headroom without distortion very impressive, i could also connect to the second speaker via Bluetooth with no link cables, my partner from Bondi PA Hire was impressed saying “Bye Bye Wharfedale’s” and to be fair they do sound that little bit better maybe due to volume.

They are not going to replace the K10s, PRX 612’s or The RCF HD 12’s that we carry but for fun and ease of use these were great sounding boxes with dual mic or line inputs and EQ on the back too.

So if you are having a party and want to amaze your friends even have different music playing in different parts of the house or mansion then these are what you need, plenty of power to annoy the neihbours and keep the party rocking.

Hiring now at $45 per unit from us at Northern Beaches Speaker Hire or Bondi PA Hire.


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