Speaker and projector hire for Weddings, Parties and Events this summer

Film Stars, Councillors, Dj’s and Weddings with Northern Beaches PA Hire in Feb 2014

We had a crazy month at Northern Beaches PA HireStarting with Warringah Council and the debate over the future of Fishermans beach, 300 people and the Mayor of Warringah were discussing the the future of one of the Beaches best kept secrets. the mood was energetic and the views conflicting we ran a small pa desk a projector setup to enable all to be heard.Next up was Trader Faulkner who at 85 was one of the most engaging people I have met for many years, he is a local lad from Queenscliff who left Sydney to become a great supporting actor through the 40′s to the 60′s in London with some amazing stories of Laurence Olivier, Anthony Quinn, James Coburn and many more. My only comment to him was ” a life well lived” after listening to his life story.

Manly 2015 the big debate the weekly speaker Manly was out in force discussing its future with over 500 people gathered in Manly Villages school hall. Mike Baird and Candy Bingham were key speakers at this emotional discussion of the future of Manly, views from the Council and some visionary speakers were at odds in this vibrant discussion. We ran a 6 speaker rig with wireless mic’s and recorded the whole event.

Grand Master Flash back at Brooklyn in Manly
The legend behind the Message and White Lines is back for his second visit in as many years
he rocked the venue for a loyal group of switched on music fans as always Brooklyn was the key player in Manly
We also ran Parties for Reef, Volcom at the Open of Surfing and numerous Weddings on the Northern Beaches during the climax of the silly season here in the Northern Beaches

Behringer Bluetooth 500 watt wireless speaker

hiring now at northern beaches pa hire and northern beaches speaker hire.

New Behringer Bluetooth speakers for your

next Party! 

At Northern Beaches Speaker Hire we are a sceptical bunch we only use what we know and what has been reliable in the past with uncompromising sound quality and reliability. JBL, QSC and RCF are our main brands backed up by the popular Wharfedale 12d party speakers with Ipod connection. Galactic music phoned and said you must see and hear the new Behringer B112 Bluetooth 500 watt speaker system. After trying to put Tom off with various other priorities that could not be avoided he arrived, with the speaker, i set it up alongside the Wharfedale 12D and a QSC K10 to get a comparison. Tom was not fazed and we went through a test of my two and then when it came time for the Behringer b112 he said “stop you don’t need the cables its Bluetooth”! This threw me for a few seconds so i put the connection cables down and went to my Bluetooth settings on the phone , ther it was ready to pair, a couple of bleeps and we were synced, “this is too easy i was saying to myself”. And that was it i was playing my tracks from the phone with no annoying cables, and it sounded great, plenty of bass and headroom without distortion very impressive, i could also connect to the second speaker via Bluetooth with no link cables, my partner from Bondi PA Hire was impressed saying “Bye Bye Wharfedale’s” and to be fair they do sound that little bit better maybe due to volume. They are not going to replace the K10s, PRX 612′s or The RCF HD 12′s that we carry but for fun and ease of use these were great sounding boxes with dual mic or line inputs and EQ on the back too. So if you are having a party and want to amaze your friends even have different music playing in different parts of the house or mansion then these are what you need, plenty of power to annoy the neihbours and keep the party rocking. Hiring now at $45 per unit from us at Northern Beaches Speaker Hire or Bondi PA Hire

how loud is my speaker?

The real wattage of rental speakers on the Northern Beaches of Sydney A few years ago you could walk into Harvey Norman in Balgowlah and see these amazing sound systems made from genuine plastic that looked somewhere between a Centurions helmet and a Star Wars Storm trooper advertising 1000 watts of peak power. Many people bought these systems that have long passed into council collection folklore, as they were not what they claimed to be. Since then we have had the D class amplifier revolution which first allowed the lower end and now the higher end suppliers to re badge from Continuous power (RMS) to Peak Power (PMPO), when advertising their amazing new products. Peak power is the maximum level of power output that is measured during an observation period. Peak power here refers to the maximum amount of power an electronic component can possibly handle for an instant without damage. Not something to try at home or in a hire environment, be aware some hire companies now advertise these figures and the number of people these (PMPO) systems can be heard by. Not good when your hire company will charge you for damage to the 1000 watt (PMPO) speaker when your coverage is less than half the specified range or less. The term “Music Power” has been used in relation to both amplifiers and loudspeakers with some validity. When live music is recorded without amplitude compression or limiting, the resulting signal contains brief peaks of very much higher amplitude (20 dB or more) than the mean, and since power is proportional to the square of signal voltage their reproduction would require an amplifier capable of providing brief peaks of power around a hundred times greater than the average level. Thus the ideal 100-watt audio system would need to be capable of handling brief peaks of 10,000 watts in order to avoid clipping[citation needed] (see Programme levels). Most loudspeakers are in fact capable of withstanding peaks of several times their continuous rating (though not a hundred times), since thermal inertia prevents the voice coils from burning out on short bursts. It is therefore acceptable, and desirable, to drive a loudspeaker from a power amplifier with a higher continuous rating several times the steady power that the speaker can withstand, but only if care is taken not to overheat it; this is difficult, especially on modern recordings which tend to be heavily compressed and so can be played at high levels without the obvious distortion that would result from an uncompressed recording when the amplifier started clipping. An amplifier can be designed with an audio output circuitry capable of generating a certain power level, but with a power supply unable to supply sufficient power for more than a very short time, and with heat sinking that will overheat dangerously if full output power is maintained for long. This makes good technical and commercial sense, as the amplifier can handle music with a relatively low mean power, but with brief peaks; a high ‘music power’ output can be advertised (and delivered), and money saved on the power supply and heat sink. Program sources that are significantly compressed are more likely to cause trouble, as the mean power can be much higher for the same peak power. Circuitry which protects the amplifier and power supply can prevent equipment damage in the case of sustained high power operation. More sophisticated equipment usually used in a professional context has advanced circuitry which can handle high peak power levels without delivering more average power to the speakers than they and the amplifier can handle safely. Hire Companies often Offer Powered speakers please read below. Active speakers comprise two or three speakers per channel, each fitted with its own amplifier, and preceded by an electronic crossover filter to separate the low-level audio signal into the frequency bands to be handled by each speaker. This approach enables complex active filters to be used on the low level signal, without the need to use passive crossovers of high power handling capability but limited rolloff and with large and expensive inductors and capacitors. An additional advantage is that peak power handling is greater if the signal has simultaneous peaks in two different frequency bands. A single amplifier has to handle the peak power when both signal voltages are at their crest; as power is proportional to the square of voltage, the peak power when both signals are at the same peak voltage is proportional to the square of the sum of the voltages. If separate amplifiers are used, each must handle the square of the peak voltage in its own band. For example, if bass and midrange each has a signal corresponding to 10 W of output, a single amplifier capable of handling a 40 W peak would be needed, but a bass and a treble amplifier each capable of handling 10 W would be sufficient. This is relevant when peaks of comparable amplitude occur in different frequency bands, as with wideband percussion and high-amplitude bass notes. For most audio applications more power is needed at low frequencies. This requires a high-power amplifier for low frequencies (e.g., 200 watts for 20–200 Hz band), lower power amplifier for the midrange (e.g., 50 watts for 200 to 1000 Hz), and even less the high end (e.g. 5 watts for 1000–20000 Hz). Proper design of a bi/tri amplifier system requires a study of driver (speaker) frequency response and sensitivities to determine optimal crossover frequencies and power amplifier powers. There is a lot to think about here and some of it can be dull call Northern Beaches PA Hire on 0407498970 if you have any questions or have been hired the wrong speaker for the job.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Lights To Party and Northern Beaches PA hire team up

Its been another busy week here on the northern beaches with so many summertime events happening all at once. We have teamed up with Sydney’s premier party lighting company Lights To Party based in Mona Vale. These guys have every conceivable light and Laser combination along with smoke, haze and bubble machines, catering to all budgets and requirements. Partner these with our 2014 speaker and Dj range and you have a huge array of equipment for your next event. Warringah council used our services this week and had some nice things to say about the 300 people conference we set up for them.    We will definitely use your services again.  Kate, Graham and the team were very happy with your work and your approach with people!    Cool, calm and collected and nothing too much trouble – great combo Joel.

Thanks again – no doubt, will be seeing you again soon.  Happy to give referrals as well if you ever need them……
JENNIFER Warringah Council

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Beyonce and Northern Beaches PA Hire

AMERICAN pop superstar Beyonce’s entourage has spent two days filming her latest video clip in the Hunter. We supplied the sound playback speakers for the shoot!  We didn’t know till after the event as the whole event was shrouded in secrecy !!
The sound tech took a set of Wharfedale 12d’s with padded covers and stands to playback the music for the dance segments in the shoot.
he said they worked perfectly with the sound even out in the open on the dunes cutting through so that every body could hear, shows what a versatile piece of kit these are!
Filming of the video clip reportedly wrapped at Stockton sand dunes yesterday morning for the voice behind hits such as Crazy in Love and Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).
We’ve heard rumours Beyonce is in Newcastle. Have you seen her? Email your news or pics to northernbeachespahire@gmail.com
Beyonce launched the Australian leg of her The Mrs Carter Show World Tour in Melbourne last month. She plays two remaining shows in Perth tomorrow and Saturday.
The tour’s name is a nod to her marriage to US rapper Jay-Z, aka Shawn Carter, with whom she has a daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.
Hunter entertainment industry sources confirmed that about 80 members of Beyonce’s crew had been in the Hunter.

Ben Browns 50th with “Shaggin Wagon” and Northern Beaches PA Hire

Local  Artist Ben Browns 50th  went off without a hitch   we provided the sound system for the legendry Shaggin Wagon 150 party goers rocked out till midnight , we used the QSC K12’s series speakers for the vocals and foldback   a few vocal tweeks and it sounded crisp. Happy birthday Ben!!!!! Shaggin’ Wagon formed accidentally in 1977, but didn’t realise it for another 15 years. In the intervening years, the music they used to play together for fun after school went from being “daggy top 40 trash” to “kitsch, retro and cool”. Well, some of it, anyway……a lot of it is as crap today as the day it was released, but Shaggin’ Wagon are happy to laugh at themselves, and invite you to join them. Shaggin’ Wagon features members and ex-members of the Lemonheads, Vanilla Chainsaws, Warmer, The Eastern Dark, the New Christs, the Gadflys, Lime Spiders, the Pyramidiacs, Bernie Hayes Quartet, Sneeze, Hellmenn, Asylum, Space Juniors, Smelly Tongues, Hey! Charger, Bananas & Louie, the Minogues, the Morones, the Stark Raving Elvis Big Band, Creme Brulee, Hammerfish, Snow Leopards, Roddy Ray’da & the Surfin’ Caesars, Love And Death, No Man’s Land, the Ultimate Vanilla, Upsidasium, Godstar, St. Crustacean, Scuffy, the Shout Brothers, Red Giant, the Weasels, the Aquatic Donuts, Sliced Bread, the Flies and Hell Yes. How they manage to fit all those people onto one small stage is a riddle wrapped in an enigma that has puzzled mankind since Christ, J. played goalie for Bethlehem United U-15’s.

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Dec 22nd 2013 silly season is hereand there are lots of things happening for Northern Beaches Speaker hire

NYE 2013 Aeroplane Live, followed by Norman Jay MBE on NYD 2014 with Northern Beaches PA Hire Dj’s

NYE at the Wharf bar manly northern beaches Pa hire resident djs

Years of pushing great music at this iconic venue have paid off for resident DJ’s, DJ NAKED, ALEX MAC, TOBY NEAL and SAM WALL who have been providing upfront modern and classic dance music for the discerning listener. Music changes over the years and venues come and go but the Wharf Bar in Manly has been a staple of Sydney’s north side offering some cutting edge sounds that have evolved and challenged but always entertained. The big event this year is AEROPLANE on NYE Aeroplane is the pseudonym of Vito de Luca, the Belgian nu disco music producer and DJ. Known for incorporating a mix of French House and Balearic Beat, Aeroplane made a name for himself as a club DJ. Aeroplane’s music is disco-styled, often on the 1980s decade. Aeroplane’s remixes are described by themselves as “spacious cosmic disco” tracks. Also on New years Day 2014 the wharf bar is hosting  Norman Jay Norman Jay MBE (born Norman Bernard Joseph)[1] is a British DJ. He first came to prominence playing unlicensed or ‘warehouse’ parties in the early 1980s, such as Shake ‘n’ Fingerpop. His diverse and deep musical knowledge and his refusal to be restricted to playing from any single genre distinguishes him from his peers. He is commonly attributed to coining the phrase ‘rare groove’. Born in Notting HillLondon, Jay established himself through the London pirate radio station Kiss FM, on which he presented shows alongside founders Gordon Mac and George Power. Kiss 100 was launched legally in September 1990 and Norman hosted the first of what became his ‘Musiquarium’ shows. Shortly after he joined Gilles Peterson at his record labelTalkin’ Loud. After a long involvement with Kiss, Norman joined BBC London in April 1997, where his ‘Giant 45’ show gained a loyal following up until February 2008.[2] His Good Times Sound System, which he started with his brother Joey Jay, is a major attraction to those who attend the two day August bank holiday Notting Hill Carnival. Good Times now attracts an estimated 15,000 revellers a day during the carnival. Good Times has also extended into a series of compilation CDs.[3] Jay describes himself as a primarily house music DJ, but the Good Times sound includes 1970s and 1980s funksoul and jazz-funk, previous carnival tracks have typically included Estelle’s 1980; and tracks featured in recent radio shows have included Billy Griffin‘s “Hold Me Tighter In The Rain” and more contemporary tracks in the form of Heavy’s track “Wonderlove”. On BBC Radio 2, he presents the “Funk Factory”,[4] which transmits every six weeks of the year. In addition to this, Jay was one of 20 DJs who played one track each at the 2005 BBC Worldwide Awards,[5] which produced three specials for BBC Radio 1 over Christmas and New Year, hosted byGilles Peterson. He is an established regular at the Big Chill festival.[6] Jay is also a Tottenham Hotspur supporter and was awarded the MBE for services to music in 2002

Dec 12th 2013 Its been a crazy couple of weeks for us the highlight had to be the Legendary Jazzy Jeff coming to Manly to Play at the Brooklyn Bar. We added some extra sound in the shape of some JBL PRX tops with QSC K Subs this coupled with the venues system added some punch around the decks where about 150 crowded around to watch the main act. he did not disappoint, the crowd loved it in this intimate setting.           The Warringah council was a more relaxed affair with singer ASH MACEDO on stage for 400 guests we used the QSC K12s with wireless Sennheiser transmitters  allowing a cable less stup for the back of the room     The last gig was back to our favourite wedding destination at the Q Station for a great looking wedding in the Govener Phillip Ball Room the DJ was happy with the QSc K10s providing a warm sound to this echo chamber, we also wash light the walls adding some needed colour.         We have a new order of QSC K12 speakers arrive and we have been using them extensively the last couple of weeks with good results. Initially i avoided this particular speaker as it was expensive very heavy and untried in the Rental market. The JBL PRX  and RCF ART being the choice for Djs and bands respectively were serving me well for their ease of use weight and price point. I odered a pair of K10s and found them instantly useful being able to run three inputs at once suddenlymade sense at small weddings or events such as the Walk  For Brain Cancer which needed a fast set up with minimal equipment and wanted background music with the microphones. The K12s offer a bit more sound and sound great at low to mid volume iam not that impressed with them at high volume but am thinking it may have something to do with the quality of the sound source being a phone with an MP3 running through it so will give it a test with vinyl and a decent mixer and see what comes back. For Versatility though these area great option  and can be very useful in a situation where space and a quick setup time are important. They are heavy and quite bulky to handle if you are a smaller person these may be hard to manage,the K 10 is much easier to work with if that is the case.

The JBL PRX is light sounds great loud but has only one input, the new 7 series has more options as far as connectivity goes great for DJs this is still the go to speaker for dance music The RCF ART 315A This speaker has great hi end reproduction and sounds awesome in a live situation with female vocalists especially

Walk for Brain Cancer and Northern Beaches PA Hire

Sunday 24th November and we were up early to provide sound for 1500 walkers raising money for a great cause.  A walk for braincancer is in its third year and has raised  130,000 dollars this year. 2 QSC K10s mounted high were plenty loud enough in the natural amphitheatre of Shelley Beach check the pictures below.

For more information on the amazing QSC K10 speaker check Northern Beaches PA Hire
We also had time to set up up an amazing wedding in Ingleside on a huge property Dj August and Skunkhour were performing RCF Speakers and mixing desk with EFX added some great vocal punch to proceedings

Weddings at Collaroy beach and a warehouse party with Sydney’s Fashion elite Northern Beaches PA style

A busy and wet weekend for everyone, but we managed to dodge the rain for an awesome outdoor wedding on Collaroy beach. Three vocals and two guitars coupled with 2 Roland BA 55s sounded great even though conditions were tough. That evening it was a warehouse party in Botany bay with the QSC rig coming into its own helping the A list of the Fashion and TV world boogie the night away ( no pictures allowed on this one ) im afraid.

The sound cut through even with the wind howling as the clouds departed and the sun shone briefly, everybody was in great spirits.
Another Great weekend for a wedding  Northern Beaches Style at the Q STATION   This week we used the new Roland BA 55 battery powered D Class Speaker with wireless mic. perfect for the 100 guests on the grass in glorious sunshine. Call us to discuss your special summer event on the Northern Beaches.               All equipment supplied by Northern Beaches PA Hire northernbeachespahire.com.au

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